Car Sale

MAT Co will be deliver to its customers with a variety of services, including selling new cars, as well as second hand cars with good conditions.


Car Repair

Will be carried out in all mechanical work, including Engine Maintenance, transmissions, and Suspensions. Will be repaired by the whole body of the car.


Diagnostics Section

This section will be the main component which will bring a competitive advantage to MATCO, as we have the most sophisticated tools for diagnosing vehicles. Proper diagnosis will be our key in repairing the customer’s vehicle the first time. MATCO technicians will effectively diagnose and correct a problem to meet our customer’s satisfaction and confidence, so that he can reflect positively and come back again. A good service experience helps to ensure the likelihood that the customer will return to our company for his subsequent service needs. During diagnosis, MAT Technicians will observe all potential problems to ensure the customer is aware of any additional service needs. This awareness reduces the likelihood the customer will have to return later or might feel the repair was not done properly the first time. Our Experienced technicians are able to determine the cause and select appropriate repairs using specific tests and diagnostic tools and procedures.

MAT technicians will perform a complete diagnostic check, and step by step procedures to verify solve customer concerns.

  • Verify the customer complaint
  • Identify the symptoms
  • Isolate the cause
  • List recommended repairs
  • Repair the cause
  • Verify proper operation

Tar Removal

Will be done with all the work related to tires, such as wheel adjustments, and alignments.


Car Wash

Car-wash section will be used for washing and cleaning all kinds of vehicles using modern technology that is not available in country.


Spare Parts

Spare parts shop will be made available in the center, to make sure that all the necessary spare parts to be in the stock.